Monday, September 27, 2010


The past few weeks I have had some major cravings for a book. Just a really good, sink your teeth into, you don't have to think, just lose yourself in the moment, great beach read book. Normally, I alwasy have at least 3 books in my book basket waiting to be picked up. However, the last 2 months, I have hardly read at all, which is not like me. One of my favorite things to do is lay on the couch after everything in done, curled up with my big blanket, and spend my remaining waking moments in a book. Or it is to fill the tub with steaming hot water, sit back, soak, and read until the water turns cold. I have been known to stay in the tub for hours with a good book in my hand, unwilling to put it down. When a book is good, I usually finish it in a day, maybe two, depending upon my schedule. Finally, last week I made it to the library and pickedup a ton of books. Books that I will be reading simply for pleasure, nothing more.
I am almost finished with, o gosh, here I go, I am kind of embarrassed to tell you the author---ahh Daniel Steel's book, Family Ties. It is a simple read, full of twists and turns, basically it is a soap opera in about 400 pages.
It is trash. I know this. It is pure indulgence. I know this, but sometimes, trash feels good!


Anonymous said...

seriously, my opinion of you has totally change now : )

totally kidding.

danielle steele could not be any worse than that one author - male- who writes all the books that get turned into movies. (can't think of his name this early)

i love a good read too.

Brooke said...

i go through phases. sometimes i like non-fiction books that are about self improvement. then other times i like a good chick lit mindless book.

Serendipity said...

I find sometimes the best eay to lose myself is a really good book. I love reading!