Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 1: The Big Clean Out

The other day I mentioned that while P is away, I have been coming up with a ton of different projects to keep myself busy. Seeing as how we just moved last September, we had a huge clean out then. And, seeing as how we are moving again this June, (yes, another move)I have started another clean out process. Any thing and everything will be evaluated. Books? Worth having or to be donated? Clothing? Does it fit? Does it look good? Do I like it? Decorations? What purpose does it serve? Is there a memory attached? In my book, everything is up for evaluaiton, nothing is safe, nothing. So basically, I am declaring a jhiad on all of our stuff. Plus, last time I did this, P was around to stop me, and argue with me, and convince me to keep things we need, you know, necessities like soap, food, and more than one towel. Moving day at the end of May. Move number 2.5 in a year. (Last May, we moved out of our house, and into temporary housing, August, moved out of temporary housing situation and were homeless for over a month. We stayed at friends homes, relatives houses, and a "hotel"), so now I am a packing fool--boxing up more and more stuff.


Rochelle said...

Oh, I remember when I moved 4 times in one year! I didn't clear out junk and it was horrible. Right now I'm watching a Hoarders Marathon on TLC and I feel like declaring jihad on my house too!

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what I want to start doing. i just need to start!!

Brooke said...

moving often is a great cure for accumulating junk - especially when you don't have someone peering over your shoulder.