Saturday, March 19, 2011

Uhh..should we be scared???

Calling all Regulators......uh stewardess.....el capitans, we have a problem.

P and I flew home from vacy today. I don't want to call out the airline that we flew home today, but is starts with a D, ends with an A, and there is a large area near the Mississippi River that goes by the same name.

We are sitting there, and I look over and see a piece of the plane hanging on the wall by the thinnest of threads. Seriously. See picture number 2. Humm....
Behind this covering was a "safety line" a threaded rope with a carabiner for the flight attendant to secure to the wing in the even of an accident.
So I sat for 3 hours staring at this. SCARY.
But, we are not done yet---
2nd flight, same airline:
Board the plane, look straight to the wall, and nothing is hanging down, nice.
I sit back, relax, and get ready for the flight.
First, there are some lights that will not turn off, so they power down the plane and they go off, great. Lets fly.
Then, we go to take off, and we are about 3 rows behind the emergency exit in the middle. One we get in the air, there is a really strange sound coming from the emergency exit. The guy sitting next to the door starts looking around kind of nervously.
The people in all the rows around me, start looking at each other. The flight attendants come by, and they don't do or say anything. My heart starts pounding, so I close my eyes, and just pray.
Clearly, we made it back safely, but, not without a few scares.
P and I pretty much made a decision that we are not going to fly with this airline any more if we can help it.
One more day of spring break, then it is back to work. uhhhhhh. I think I could be a full time vacationer, vacationite?


Anonymous said...

glad you made it back home - safely!!

Serendipity said...

Oh my goodness how scary! Rambo's family has had very similar experiences with Allegiant Air which has made them pick any other airline. Hopefully they didn't scare you out of flying. =)