Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions:

1. I ran out of clean socks, so I rewore dirty ones several times this week.
2. I finish all of my meals before P.
3. I openly stared at a woman changing in her car as we sat in bumper to bumper traffic.
4. I ate an entire box of Morning Star chick-n-patties in less than 12 hours.

What did you do wrong this week?


Michelle P said...

I always finish eating before my bf. I eat like a pig.

Brooke said...

mcdonalds at 9 last night

~Carla~ said...

First, I can't believe someone would change in their car. lol! Second, you should write a book with all these! Like that book "Sh*t My Dad Says"! lol!

Counting all my stars and saving it said...

I'm always the first to finish eating :-/

When I see someone changing in their car it's hard not to stare. I'm not sly about it either. I will direct stare with the WTF look.

ERIKA said...

Hahaha I have reworn socks before. It felt really odd because I couldn't tell that I was wearing used socks but every time I thought about it, I was a bit grossed out. I bought too many bags of chips at the vending machine this week. I need to just go to Trader Joe's and get a huge bag.