Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday Friends. I hope you have had a wonderful week and that you have something fun planned for this weekend.

Time to fess up to what we did this week.

1.I walked into a public restroom and it smelled like poo and mothballs. I said out loud "Wow, someone must crap mothballs." I heard someone clear their throat from the stall. Whoops.

2. I got into an argument with my dog.  P and I took the dogs for a walk, and I stepped on his foot and he let out a yelp. I looked at him and said "Its not my fault, its yours, you got in my way." My poor dog just looked at me and P cocked his head to the side and said "You do realize you are trying to argue with our dog, right. Just say sorry, pet him, and move on."

3. I used the phrase "Decorated yard of the month this month, are you f'ing kidding me, this whole thing is so political." A little back story, if you join the neighborhood association, you are eligible to win yard of the month or decorated yard of the month. One neighbor has won yard of the month and now just won decorated yard of the month, and I am bitter about it. But, we have not joined the neighborhood association, so I am not sure why it bothers me so much.

Thats it. I've been a bad girl this week. Fess up y'all.


Denise said...

okay, the whole neighborhood association is ridiculous! don't join!!!!

I fought with my dog last night - she has issues!

happy friday friend :)

Ashten said...

I saw my nutritionist on Wednesday, he asked if I have been eating clean and I said “yea for the most part” which is far from the truth. I really need to put more effort into that.

I am too quick to judge people… there is this girl at my crossfit gym who wears low cut tank tops and her fake boobs are always on display and she immediately annoyed me. I talked to her this week and she is probably the nicest people in the gym.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Stacia said...

I don't decorate at ALL! I'm one of "those", but I will drive around and waste gas looking at what others have done :)

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

TOTALLY walked into a public bathroom, chose a stall, did my business, and was about to emerge when I heard....male voices. Yep, definitely the Men's Room.

Definitely made a face at the guy picking at his feet on the bus. So common here. But so, so grossing me out Ick...

Intended to have a very productive Sunday afternoon. Realized I was coming down with a cold. Spent the whole afternoon lounging in bed...watching videos, napping, and chatting on social media. NOT productive. Blerg...

Brooke said...

went back to work after running on thursday. no shower. and i didn't even care.