Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Run I Needed

There are those runs that are hard, and you just have to plow your way through them.  When every step feels heavy, and the seconds tick by slowly, and you just want to quit. 

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WELL I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT RUN TODAY! Last night, it happened. That magical run when everything happens perfectly, that run that gives you the push you need to get through all the bad runs. The running experience that makes you grin ear to ear while you are out on the road like an idiot. A run that is so hard, but feels so good.  That run that reminds you of why you run.

This year, running has been painful in so many ways. From my foot problems, to IT band issues, to running in 100+ degree weather, its been my least favorite year for running. As a result, I have not signed up for any races, I haven't push myself, and my entire year as felt uninspired. P has even noticed it. He said "I feel like you are running just to mark it off your check list." Its true, that exactly what I have been doing. 

But, last night, was amazing. I set out for the run, and I had some pretty low expectations. I had a tempo run on schedule, and I my expectations were low. Right before I set out for my run, I realized I left my Garmin at the office. So I would have to run by feel, and not by the numbers. I felt comfortable, and the first 20 minute warm up flew by really quickly. Once I got to the middle stage of my run, the tempo phase, I started to push a bit harder. I have no idea what my pace was, but it felt fast. I needed to cover 20 minutes as that speed, so I made up my mind to embrace the pain, and went with it. I checked my watch a few times, and it seems as if the minutes were flying by. I felt like I was flying. The last two minutes of the tempo phase came up, and I decided that I felt so good that I was going to keep pushing, and really open up my stride. I was running hard, I was running fast, and I feel like the last 2 minutes I was probably hitting low 7:00's. 

Once my run was finished, I was actually bummed. I wanted to keep running, to keep pushing, to savor every step, because for me, runs like that are few and far between. As soon as I finished, I stood outside, and the endorphins came a flooding into my brain. I bounced in the house, and was a chatter box, and I kept walking around the house like an idiot. I think when I finally went to bed, I had a huge smile on my face because of this one magical run. 

How's your running? Any races on the calendar? How do you power through the slumps? What keeps you motivated?


Rachelle said...

The last 3 weeks my running has been almost nonexistent. I'v been having hip then back then other hip pain. Went to the chiro Monday. He worked me over good so I was sore yesterday.

I'm considering a race that is 4 races in 4 days in May. I have a new running plan but need to get on it! Thank you for reminding me about the good days!

Denise said...

first of all, that picture is sooo hilarious - I've seen it before. I look like a big goof running (i know because my kids told me so).

and secondly, hallelujah on the run!! Was it not using the garmin you think? And, how did you know you were "at tempo"?

Amanda S said...

Yay for a good run! It's always nice to know that that one good run can sustain you for the following okay runs.

Brooke said...

busy, stressful life right now. i need one of those runs.

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

These runs are AMAZING. And it's funny how (at least for me) just one of these PERFECTION runs can power me through lots of less enthusiastic, more foot-dragging run days.

I don't have any races on the calendar, and am working to get back into enough of the schedule that I don't lose the mileage best that I spent the last 6 months building!!!