Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday confessions

Let's do this, shall we?

1. I drank 2 cups of hot chocolate this week. But, I put 3 packs of powder in each cup. So I really drank six cups in 1 day.

2.At home, I don't cover my sneezes. I know, I am gross.

3. I took 4 baths in 1 day. I don't know what I did on Saturday, but I spent the majority of my day bathing. I guess we just need to get a pool.

Fess up y'all!


Brooke said...

we don't change the water/clean our hot tub nearly enough. so i just take a glass of alcoholic beverage in with me so i don't care.

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

I have had so much hot chocolate this week that it's almost disgusting. I have had one whole box plus a whole bag of marshmallows haha

Ashten said...

My dogs woke me up at 5:30 am yesterday, I was still mad at them last night. They should know I do not get up before 6:45.

My friend has a boyfriend that I do not care for... she invited me to go to a Super Bowl party with them.. I said I would rather stay home. I think that hurt her feelings. oops.

I have been late to work every day this week. TGIF!

Amanda Simple said...

I had hot chocolate this week and put all but one teaspoon into the pot, and put the small amount right back into the cupboard.

Rochelle said...

I extended my "not feeling well" an extra day so I wouldn't have to do the dishes.

It also got me out of cleaning the bathroom.