Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Murph....get off my couch.

Murphy is here. Murphy is here. Murphy is here. For those of you Dave Ramsey followers you know who I am talking about. It is that good ol friend "Murphy's Law." Dave told us at the seminar we went to a few months back that once you get on the baby steps, once you start making progress, something is going to happen to try to get you off the course. I was pretty cocky and thought, no way that will happen to us.
Well, good ol Murph came in with a vengeance. 1st we had a huge payment to make. I thought ok, no biggie, it is just a one time payment, no biggie. Next, our computer is dead. We bought a new printer and computer about a week ago and we are just waiting for it to come in. P and I both use our work computers because the one we have is my old laptop from college and it is slow and hardly works. I said to myself, self, now days computers are not wants, they are necessities. So ok, I am cool with with buying a computer. Well, here is where Murphy reared his ugly head. THE CAR. We are going on a 9 hour road trip this weekend and P noticed that the car needed new tires. Then we needed to get the a/c looked at and fixed. Plus there are a few other underlying issues that need to be fixed with the car.
So all in all, we have dropped several grand in this month alone. Yes, I said grand. Awesome.
This week my husband P and I have been talking about all of our expenses and he made a great point. He said "It was good to know that I could pay for everything with cash, and that we will not be getting a bill next month." Plus, he had a really good attitude and just keeps telling me "you just have to laugh." So on his advice, I am biting the bullet and laughing about the timing of everything. I sit here and laugh, because whining, complaining, and tears just aren't my thing. I keep thanking God that we have the resources to make these payments, and we do not have to put them on a credit card.
So now I am laughing and laughing, as I walk Murphy to the door and ask him to leave us. I will kick him out and show him that we are not going to be "normal."

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Denise said...

I have heard of Murphy. that's right - kick him out!!