Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Season

It has been perfect weather here the past few days. It is sunny and around 80, ahhh, pure delight. It was perfect for the start of our school track season. I am coaching again and I could not be more excited. As a former college athlete, I know the effect that my coaches had on my life, and I hope that I can impact my kids in the same way. For example, I have one girl on my track team who is just really hardened. She has had a rough life and to be honest, there have been times that I really struggle to love her. But, as I watched her running and trying so hard, giving everything she had, it really moved me. It really made me see her in a different way, and that is one of the reasons I like coaching so much. It allows me to interact with my students in a different way. I get to know them, and I see them in a place outside of the classroom doing something that they love to do.

The kids I teach have some really hard lives, yet every single day they show up for me and give me everything they have. For example, last year during cross country, our students did not have the best gear like the other schools they ran against. The other kids had the best Nike/asics running shoes, with their Oakley's and new uniforms. Our kids had on their p.e. t-shirt and shorts, and high top street shoes. And by sheer determination our kids won their meet. In high tops and t-shirts they showed that the gear does not matter, its the heart and determination to show up. Today, some of our kids did not have any clothes to change into, so they practiced in their school uniforms. And they had so much fun. It was great! It really helps me remember that I don't need the best, I just have to have the heart.

The picture I took is from my cell phone from a cross country meet that I went to last year where our boys won the race. I keep this picture on my phone to remind me what is important.

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Denise said...

that's good stuff. you are making a difference in those kids. plus the fact that they are being active makes it doubly good stuff.