Sunday, March 11, 2012

For my Ma

I call my mom all of those names above, depending upon my mood. Mostly, I call her momsicle, like Popsicle, but I replace the pop with mom, thus getting momsicle. I only told her about the blog a few months ago, and now she reads it, but she NEVER comments, ever!
This is not a bribe to get a comment out of her, but I did buy something for her. A few months ago she purchased a really nice camera, and she has taken about 5 pictures with it. I think she is probably a bit intimidated by the camera, but I keep telling her she needs to play with it, and take pictures everyday, but she doesn't.
I decided to give her a little incentive to whip her camera out. I bought this beautiful camera strap from the fabulous Carla over at Myhalfdozendaily. Isn't it beautiful? If you need anything made, email her because she has so many options and ideas and is so easy to work with!!! Plus, she is really good at working with the handi-crafters like me who have no artistic ability whatsoever! Head on over to her website and order something now.
Mom, if you want this beautiful camera strap that I custom ordered just for you from Canada, you have to leave me a comment!


Lesley @ my lively mind said...

that's really cute. i'm gonna have to go check those out!

Lisa said...

You obviously do not read all comments made. I commented on your last run when you bummed out.

Love you anyway,


Live Simply- Live Well said...

Well, now you get your camera strap!

~Carla~ said...

LOL!!! If your mom would like a couple camera book suggestions to get her going I could offer up a few suggestions. :) But in the end, you're right, you just have to play with it... learn along the way!!

Brooke said...

looks like you drew her out!! :P