Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Confessions

Here are my Friday Confessions:
1. I bought a wet to dry straightener to dry my sweaty hair when I work out in the mornings.
2. I rewore wet workout clothes because I worked out twice in one day.
3. I wore a shirt with a stain on it to work and acted like it just got stained at breakfast.
4. I wore my "I'm a Herbivore" shirt while I grilled our chicken for dinner this week.

Fess up peeps, what have you done wrong this week.


Michelle P said...

HAha love these. At least you work out! I need to workout more.

~Carla~ said...

#4 rocks!!! lol!!!

Stacia said...

Totally love reading this on Fridays!! I get re-wearing your workout clothes...I do that, too!! :)

Rochelle said...

I did nothing Friday. Took the day off to watch the kids and did absolutely NOTHING!

Brooke said...

you mean the first 3 aren't normal?

although i draw the line at sweaty-dried clothes while on a group run. i can tolerate my own but the smell of someone else's dried sweat makes me sick.

shopping2saving said...

hahahah these are awesome. does the wet to dry straightener really work?? cuz my hair gets so wet and i dont have time to shower before going back to work after my lunchtime gym sessions.