Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week P and I went to see Argo. It was one of the most powerful and intense movies that I have seen in quite some time. From the first 15 minutes it pulled me in. I was on the edge of my seat, my palms were sweating, and I found myself holding my breath.

I left the movie and I could not turn off my brain. They bring up some pretty intense events from our history and they have implications today. The movie was thought provoking and I could not stop mulling everything I saw. I ended up coming home and I spent the rest of the afternoon researching Iran and I watched a documentary on You Tube about Iran.

The thing that I could not shake was, "Why do they hate us so much?" I know why they dislike America and our stance, but they really hate us and want to kill us. It scares me the hate that we see on the news every night. I know that America has made some bad decisions, that we have been on the wrong side of decisions many many times. I own that. I see that. I totally admit that. But, to protest in the street, to burn flags of other countries, to call their leaders the devil, to stab dolls with the face of American presidents in the street, that is dark. That is evil, that is hate. It is so scary.

Tonight, in this hard time for America, hold your loved ones a little tighter, thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us, and pray for peace.

Have you seen Argo? What are you feeling about what is going on in the middle east?


Stacia said...

Haven't seen it yet, but a coworker has and has raved about it.

On another note, I love those movies that make you google and youtube for days after you've seen them. It becomes part of your life for awhile and it's all you think about.

Pearl Harbor was one of those movies for me. EVERY Dec 7th, I watch it, in honor of that day. ANd...Ben Affleck is NOT bad to look at. :)

~Carla~ said...

Just saw it tonight... In a word, INCREDIBLE.

Heather said...

I haven't seen it. I think my next theater movie will probably be Breaking Dawn part 2...but that is another story :-) I think that throughout history groups of people have hated each other so much. It seems to be ingrained in their very being. Will I be going on a vacation to the Middle East anytime soon? Nope. And if we left the middle east completely alone would it make a difference? Probably not.

I think the unfortunate thing is that we are so tied to oil that we have to continue to butt into cultural wars that have been going on for thousands of years, wars that we aren't going to stop.

Denise said...

okay, you just convinced me to go see it. We even have FREE movie tickets!! woo hoo.