Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is chivalry dead?

I have been riding the train to work these past few weeks. It's been great because I have been saving on gas and wear on the car, I don't battle traffic, and I always get where I need to be on time.


These past few weeks I have become acutely aware of how we treat and interact with each other. The transit system is pretty packed, and most days it is standing room only. In the morning, I usually stand,but most afternoons I find a seat because I get on at an early stop. Finding a seat is not that big of a deal to me, and if I have to stand, nbd. I usually offer up my seat to anyone who is hurt, has small children, or the elderly.

Lately,the behavior of some riders has been making me so mad. For example, I get to my stop most days a few minutes before the train arrives. There is one man who gets to the station right before the train takes off and we walks to the front in front of everyone to ensure he gets a seat. It frustrates me to no end because its so rude. I also get frustrated when I see middle aged men not giving up their seat. They sit there and see all of these women standing there, and they don't get up.

I can count on one hand the amount of time a man has offered me his seat. Every time, I am so impressed.


Please weight in chivalry dead? Should we expect chivalry?


Rochelle said...

I sometimes think it is dead. My husband has taught my son at an early age to open doors for ladies and to let me or any other lady sit down if there are no other seats. I hope that he continues to use these manners and the others we've taught him. It's sad to see how disrespectful children (and adults) can be.

Denise said...

the other day I walked up to a store at the same time as man - it was so strange because he didn't seem to even think about opening the door for me - so I just stood there until he did :)

Brooke said...

if we're the same age/physical fitness/health then the man SHOULD give up his seat. i'm the one wearing high heels after all!!!! but yeah, i think for the most part its dead. nice to see tiny blips of it though when i can.