Sunday, October 28, 2012

Im in a food rut

Hi friends. I feel like I have been a terrible blogger these past few weeks. Everything seems to be speeding up, and I feel further and further behind.
But, my goal for this week is to get caught up, and even get ahead. This weekend was nice, slow, and restorative for me.

These past few weeks, I have been in a major food rut, and because I don't like what I have cooked, I end up going out and spending money on food at lunch or breakfast, which I hate. These past 3 weeks, P has really stepped up and began cooking more than before, and its made a difference for me, not only in my food choices, but in time. I used to spend about 4 hours in the kitchen on Sunday afternoons getting ready for the week. I make breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. It is so nice during the week to come in and all I have to do is steam some veggies, and heat up dinner.

I have been trying to make sure that I use the crock pot more because its so easy. But ya'll, I need help because I am in a food rut. I am tired of the things that I am cooking because I make the same thing over and over again. I make tacos for taco salads, I make chicken in the crock pot for shredded chicken, I make eggs for breakfast every day. Predictable and boring. This week won't be so bad because P made us some grilled chicken, bison burgers, and a big pot of soup, that is amazing.

Can you guys give me any recipes? I am trying to do a low carb style diet because I went to the nutritionist and I have been diagonsed with Candida, which is a fungus. It is nothing terrible, we all have it, but I have a little bit of "over growth." I have cut out a lot of the sugar, candy, and cakes that I had a bad habit of snacking on, which is a good thing. I found that when I eat sugar, I crave more of it. I thought I just had a sweet tooth, but it turns out, the fungus loves sugar, and feeds of it, which causes you to want more...hmm. The fungus (fungi??) also are attracted to carbs, which is why its a good idea to stay way from carbs on this kind of "diet."My problem of late has become my dependence on processed foods for my caloric intake because I have not been eating like I am supposed to. I am hungry so I have been supplementing with Doritos (bad) and diet coke (soo bad).

I need help. What we have a few weeks until Thanksgiving, and I want to clean up my act, a sort of cleanse. While I am getting back to eating right, do you guys have any tried and true recipes that you can suggest? Again, I am looking for crock pot recipes, or stuff that I can make and freeze and pull out during the week?

Thanks peeps!


Denise said...

sounds like eating paleoish would be good for you - are you on pinterest? you could search on paleo meals, I also recommend:

they have meal plans you can sign up for - grain free too.

good luck!

lesley: the dream tree said...

hmmm, maybe i have the same fungus. i crave sugar like no other and need to do a cleanse type diet too. my friend eats a lot of the pasta in the gluten free section of the store and i believe it's made with rice. she feels better and has even lost weight bc of it. i am going to check back for comments, because i'm interested in who shares some info.

Brooke said...

i have a horrible carb-dependant diet, so you don't want food advice from me. hope you get some good suggestions elsewhere!

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