Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Confessions

Good morning lovelies. Here are my Friday Confessions:

1.We spent $200.56 on eating out, in 9 days. DANG. To say we totally blew our food budget is an understatement. I looked at our account today and added up all we spent in the first few days of the month. I am ashamed and embarrassed by this number.

2.I stopped in the middle of a speed workout to pick up a penny.  I don't know why, but if I see a coin on the ground, I simply have to pick it up, and do my "dividends" dance.

3. I watched The Office, while at my office.  I finished eating lunch at my desk, and rather than turn it off, I left it on while I worked for a while.

4. I didn't shower after taking a body pump class during lunch. I was sweaty and nasty, but didn't have time to shower, so I toweled off, and sprayed myself with too much perfume, and went back to work.

5. One day I left work early to go run errands. I actually came home and ran a few miles instead.


Denise said...

since we have been home - I have not felt like cooking...let's just say my eating out bill is looking pretty high too. it's summer!

Brooke said...

I did the same thing after my Tabata class! and an hour later when I realized my braid needed redoing, my hair was still sweaty. ewww.

Jeano said...

Ahahaha, I am ALSO someone who absolutely has to pick up coins when I see them on the street. In college my friends thought it was hilarious to throw coins and watch me run to go pick them up. It was funny, but also very sad. I'm working on it.

Thomas | Your Daily Finance said...

Nothing wrong with picking up the coin if you did it fast! LOL. I have done the watching tv while at work and it is a productivity killer. I'm not to sure about that none shower and having to back to work though. Do you work from home? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we've all done things like this, especially watching The Office at the office lol

~Carla~ said...

My confessions: Spent WAYYYYYYY too much on fabric this week and dropped a bunch of cash on delivery pizza tonight for hubby & kids 'cause i'd been doing housework all day and just wanted to veg. *blush*