Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Confessions

What's up my peeps? Its Friday, almost the weekend.
Its time to fess up, and admit all the bad, heinous things we did this week.

Here are my weekly confessions:

1. I walked really close to a house, through the yard, so that I could see inside. I know *technically* this makes me a peeping tom, or something, but whatever. This house is so cute, and I have wanted to go in forever. It recently sold, and I didn't get a chance to go to the open house, but I really wanted to see inside.

2. This past weekend, I spent way too much time on Pinterest, and wanted to get my creative on. The goal was to make a wreath. I drug P to Hobby Lobby with me. I wondered into the wreath isle, got overwhelmed, by all the craps, and walked straight to another section. We ended up buying a sign to hang over the laundry room.

3. I accused P of not loving me because he put a pillow in between us one night during so I would not touch him. I noticed at some point in the night, and I even had dreams about how mad I was at him. Yes, we have a king size bed, but at some point in the night, I navigate over to his side in search of warmth. I woke up mad, and when I told him he just laughed.

Fess up peeps. What did you do wrong this week??


Brooke said...

I farted at a bookcamp located in a park, but blamed it on someone else. not in a "I bet it was..." way but rather "kim made me eat broccoli before class - its her fault!"

Jeano said...

I've totally creeped houses for sale before. There was one near my parents' house I used to circle every time I walked the dog. And then I went to the open house and pretended to be a serious buyer (that didn't go over well-I was 17 at the time).