Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thoughts from my morning run

Normally, I run the same route every morning. I run on the street around my neighborhood, and rarely venture off course. This morning, as the sun began to rise at 5:45 and I was doing my warm up, I decided to run around the local park. Normally, stay away from the park in the mornings because its dark, and I have told myself that criminals hide out in the park in the dark. Today, it was pretty sunny, and I figured all the boogie men went home to rest, so I felt I would be safe.

Here are my thoughts in no particular order:

My foot hurts.

Wow, that woman is in her 60's at least, and she is running faster than I do.

I really hope that I don't have to use my phone to call P, my mom, and 911 if someone attacks me.

I guess I should call 911 if someone attacks me 1st, then call P.

If a man attacks me, I will kick him in the groin.

What do I do if a woman attacks me?

Why am I breathing so heavily already?

This sucks, I can't do it.

Just stop.

Don't stop.

I wanna stop.

If you stop now, you will bring shame to yourself, and your entire family.

Wow, Al, that was kind of an intense thought.

Get to the next light post, and then you can stop.

I want pancakes.

I should have worn my compression socks, they make me look cool.

Why is that lady staring at me?

Finally stopped, and chugged water. Lap 1, done.

Ok, this lap, I will do the lower loop, not the upper loop.

Do the upper loop, its longer.

I am just going to do the lower loop, its shorter.

If I don't do the upper loop, does that make me a roody-poo candy ass?


Just turned right, doing the lower loop.

I'm such a loser.

Just one more of the speed miles to go. I only have to run on this exact spot one more time.

If I cut through the grass on the corners, it will be shorter.

Why did I cut through the grass, now my shoes are wet.

Pain is temporary, pride is forever, right?

At this point, I would just lose the pain, screw pride.

Then I stopped midway through my second speed lap of the park. I walked back to my water bottle, took a swig, and walked home.

This mornings run was not a success, it was pretty much a failure. I'm ok with it thought, because there is always tomorrow.

What do you think about on your runs? Do you have mental battles?


Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

I hated running. but I miss the "high" when you are done. :)

Jeano said...

Ahaha, I'm pretty sure I've had that exact conversation (verbatim) many a time. So fun, right?!

Brooke said...

at least you had a conversation with someone interesting this morning!!

lesley: the dream tree said...

ok, maybe i don't think too much now that i've seen your thoughts, haha.
yum, pancakes. i was having the same thoughts!

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

Yeah well, it happens sometimes. Don't sweat it. There's always tomorrow. And I think we ALL have some version of that conversation, at least once a week. =)