Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Confessions

Good morning everyone. I hope you are are gearing up to have a wonderful weekend!!

Without further delay, lets get on with it shall we? Here are my weekly confessions:

1.I watched the show "America gets bastardized by the Kardashians." That may not really be the name of the show, but I did indeed watch it, and I felt dirty and dumb. I went to the gym to get some cross training done, and it was on one of the T.V.'s and I watched. As I watched, I felt slimy, dirty, and embarrassed, even though no one in the gym can tell what I am watching. I just could not force my finger to push the button on the remote. I immediately went home and grabbed a James Joyce novel and tried to erase that idiocy from my mind. No thats a lie, I did not in fact get a James Joyce book, I do not own a James Joyce book, and the only reason I read a James Joyce book was when I had to in college. And that is another lie because I read the cliff's notes, not the real book.

2. I have seen every episode of The Office on Netflix. When I finished it, I started it all over from the beginning again. For some reason, I have the ability to laugh at the same sitcom show, over and over again and never grow tired of it. I have probably seen some episodes of The Big Bang Theory 10 times, and they are still funny to me every single time.

3. I drank 3 bottles of grape juice at the office in less than an hour. We keep a bunch of cokes and juice in the office fridge for everyone. One day, I grabbed a grape juice to "sip" on. I opened it, sat at my desk, drank it in less than 5 minutes, walked back to the fridge, grabbed another, chugged it while standing there, and finally grabbed one more to "sip" on back at my desk.

4. I went out to do a temp run. I came back after 1 mile.

Fess up peeps!!! What did y'all do wrong this week? Tell me, tell me tell me.


Denise said...

not this week, but a few weeks ago I watched hollywood wife swap - do you feel better now?

happy weekend :)

Brooke said...

you already know about my 2 pound poop. hmmm...
i'm seriously considering ruining my cleanse at a team meeting on Sunday. Beer, wine, chips & salsa. how can I resist?

Jeano said...

I did my laundry a week and a half ago. My clean clothes are still crammed into my laundry basket. Everything I wear is horrifically wrinkled.