Saturday, September 7, 2013


This past year, P and I have been eating according to Paleo guidelines probably 80% of the time. Its been just this past year that we have discovered how good Bison meat is. 

While not the cheapest protein we buy, we often justify the cost based upon nutritional value.  We have found this to be a delicious protein. 

Lately, we have been browning the meat, adding onion, garlic, and a bit of cayenne  pepper, served over mashed sweet potatoes with a side salad. We have eaten this meal twice this week already. Its quick, easy, and good for us. 

A few months ago, we really began to make an effort at meal planning, and increasing our vegetable, nut, and fruit intake, while decreasing the volume of protein in order to stretch our grocery dollars a bit more. For 3 weeks out of the month, we try to keep our grocery spending as minimal as possible, so that on the last weekend of the month, we get to shop at Central Market, the fancy grocery store. They have a HUGE butcher case, with nothing but high quality meats. Everything is organic or free range, and the butchers are helpful, knowledgable, patient, and giving. One week, we were given 4 links of chicken sausage for free because we were asking questions, and the female butcher wanted us to try the sausage without having to pay for it. 

Have you found an new proteins worth trying? What is your grocery shopping strategy?

While searching online I found this chart at

Beef (choice):10.15219862.992.65
Beef (Select):8.09201862.992.64
Chicken (Skinless):7.41190891.210.33
Sockeye Salmon:10.97216870.555.80


Denise said...

i like your shopping strategy - I've never tried bison. i can't help but notice that meat is the most expensive thing in my cart each week - I'm eating less and less just for that reason. thank goodness for backyard eggs!!

Brooke said...

i'm eating shells & cheese whilst reading this.
wait - this isn't true confessions frieday??