Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding Silence

Sometimes, I crave quiet. I crave solitude, silence. Yet, so often its so hard to find.

So much of my day is bombarded with noise. The computer, the radio, the clicking of the keyboard, the ringing of phones, the hum of the engines, the voices in the office.

Silence is so simple, yet so fleeting, so hard to find.

The problem with all of this sound, is that it drowns out the soft whispers speaking truth. It drowns out my inner voice, my instinct, my soul. It is so easy to give into the sound, to go numb, to ignore the gentle sounds of our own voice.

This week, I am going to consciously seek out silence. I need to tap into that inner sanctum that I often ignore, that I allow the external to overwhelm.

I hope you find silence this week, a chance to listen to yourself, to hear your own voice, to reconnect with your own soul.


Jeano said...

I could definitely use some of that this week; moving is stressful! Thanks for the reminder to carve out some silent time for myself ;).

Denise said...

hope you have a good (quiet) week!

lesley: the dream tree said...

that is so true. silence is golden!
the only time i don't like it is when i sleep. in fact, i despise it for some reason. i will definitely be getting some silence on my trip next week, thank the lord (:
hoping you can seek some silence and solitude as well, friend.

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

Oh, silence...as elusive as a unicorn in Singapore...