Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday friends. Here are my weekly confessions.


1. I have worn the same socks every day this week to work out.

2. We're doing a strict healthy eating challenge. p cheated, and I got mad at him for not bringing me a cheat food.

3. I walked my dog at night and lingered for way to long in front of the homes that had their windows open.

4. I've not made plans with friends....because football is on.

Fess up peeps!


Denise said...

the confessions you post here...
i thought only i did them!

Holly @ Run With Holly said...

1. My husband and I used our anniversary as an excuse to be completely lazy this weekend. We slept, we read, we ate...we did NOT do any housework or work-work. [This is normal for some people; not for us.]

2. I intent to go out later today and buy two cupcakes. And then eat them BOTH.

3. We stayed at a hotel that has these awesome pens in the rooms. Whenever we stay at this particular hotel, I take all the pens I can get my hands on. AWESOME PENS. [I do use them in public, so perhaps I'm advertising?] However, I don't take their gorgeous enormous bath towels.