Monday, February 27, 2012

13.1 and Done, again.

I ran another half this weekend, and to put it kindly, it stunk.
I knew from mile 2 that it was going to be rough. It was a battle the whole way. The course was much flatter and faster than last week's half, so I should have PR'ed. I should have run faster, and it should have been easier than last week. But it wasn't.
I ended up running 1:57, again. I ran the exact same time as I did last week. To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement. This simply reconfirmed what I have known all along, running is 20% physical, and 80% mental. I did not have the mental game, at all. At no point in the race did I zone out, or feel good. I felt like garbage. But, I finished it.
The one thing that was positive both this weekend and last, was my husband.
P is so supportive of everything that I do. He is perfectly understanding when I ask if we can afford to pay yet another race fee. Yes, he says its ok to pay hundreds of dollars in order to run on a public street that every other day I could run that same path for free.
Yesterday, he rode his bike over 26 miles in order to ride the path and meet me at about 8 different times and take pictures, cheer me on, and offer me water. He was pretty much awesome.
In summary, the race stunk, P ruled, end of story.


~Carla~ said...

Aww... Sorry that you feel you didn't do well. :( I think it's pretty awesome that you ran another race & finished...I'd be pretty proud of that accomplishment alone! :) Sounds like your other 1/2 is a great guy!!

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

congrats on another run though. i know you think you had lousy time, but i admire you for that! p sounds so sweet. wish we could all hang out!

Anonymous said...

well, your time was still pretty awesome...just saying.

Michelle P said...

You still run more than I do, so I would say that's quite an accomplishment!

Aubrey Rose said...

I am so amazed at your ability to run for so long. I have never been a runner. And would be so happy to even finish a mile without falling over dead. Keep it up girl :]

Brooke said...

another so soon? sorry you were unhappy with it :( that stinks. my long run this weekend was crappy too.

Mom said...

It is not just about your speed. It is about your being committed to complete/finish something you started. We all need to look to you for inspiration.