Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions:
1.P and I ate his entire birthday cake in less than 12 hours.
2. I used P's razor to shave.
3. I didn't brush my teeth on Saturday.
4. Walking my dog, I picked up his poo in a poo bag, but I didn't want to carry it with me on our hour long walk, and threw it on the ground. A man in his car saw it, and stopped and stared at me until I picked up the poo bag.
5. Yesterday I ate fries, fro-yo,chips,and cookies. And 3 full meals.

What did you do wrong this week? Fess up.


Anonymous said...

was the cake good?

Anonymous said...

oh, I use my hubbie's razors too :)

Michelle P said...

hahaha that's hilarious about the poop bag.

Brooke said...

sometimes i go to bed without brushing my teeth. just to be rebellious!

Shannon Marie said...

Fro yo 2 days in a row :) haha. That's my confession!

The Happy Homeowner said...

Hahaha...LOVE these! I definitely should start doing this

Anonymous said...

Get wise to what is happening on our planet - it's mindless people like you that are ruining it.
Why put the poo in a poo bag unless you were prepared to dispose of it correctly? Poo left on the ground would have biodegraded, plastic bags do not.
Pick it up in a poo bag and dispose of it the correct way, throwing the bag on the ground is a lazy action.
When you next went on a walk how would you feel if natures beauty was marred by a thousand poo bags lying around on the ground? Your bag would have been there too.

~Carla~ said...

Anonymous should man up & post a name.

Onto other things... I ate an entire box of GF cookies one day last week when I was stressed about my blog. *blush* *oink* lol!

One Family said...

Your Friday confessions always crack me up. C'mon Anonymous - you've never done anything wrong you could confess about?!

My confession - I ate TWO from the plate of cupcakes a co-worker brought the other day (and I confess that was my "lunch")...I was feeling really guilty that I was taking more than my share until I found out another guy ate 4, LOL