Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday confessions

Here are my weekly confessions

1. I saw trash on the bathroom floor at work and left it there.

2. I had a bad day, so at lunch I ate my feelings

3. I had a bad day, so at dinner I drank my feelings

4. I smoke screened several times at best buy

5. My boss was complaining about the taste of the water from our new filtration system. I responded by saying, "I'm sorry, that's a real terrible first world problem you are having."

Fess up peeps.


missy said...

DH and I went out to eat and when he excused himself form the table I told the manger that it was DH's birthday and the waitstaff sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him on his walk back from the bathroom---DH's birthday is in Dec. :0)

My niece said that I bake the best cookies EVAH--Thank you Keebler Elves.

After hearing DH pull in our driveway I ran and hid by the back door to SCARE him. He decided to check the garden,put away a few tools, fill the bird feeder and I think he even solved the nations budget well when he finally came through the door I said BOO in a very pi$$ed off tone and asked him where he had been. lol lol But I did manage to scare him enough that he dropped his computer case.

One day I'll act my age but not today.

p.s- I think I ate your feeling too. lol lol Damn you Ben and Jerry's Yogurt Ice Cream!!!

R Rae said...

1. I lied to the piano teacher and said that kids were sick, when really I just didn't want to drive them.

2. I enrolled my 3 year old son in dance because I thought he would love it and it would be so cute, but I was very embarrassed for him because he was the only boy. He loved it & didn't notice!

3. I haven't done the dishes, laundry or cleaned bathrooms today. Instead I am reading blogs and playing Farmville (=

Brooke said...

i lied to jay on the way home from my social run - when he called and asked me to bring supper home for him, i lied and said it was too late. i was still 5 miles from the food exit.

Daily Vacation said...

Last night I skipped dinner and instead had a HUGE English Toffee flavored coffee - because that was what I really wanted...soooooo good!!

Right now I'm supposed to be putting the laundry away....oops :P

lesley: the dream tree said...

these are hilarious! you kill me with your funnies.

Stacia said...

I love drinking and eating my feelings too!!!

My confession: I am so glad my son's crapped up 93 Dodge Stealth car that I hated blew up and had to be towed to the junk yard and will be compacted into a cutesy little block. I acted sad that he is without a car and now, he has to borrow mine, which makes for a crazy car schedule, but I hated his car.

I feel better. :) thanks!

lesley: the dream tree said...

hey - sorry i have to use a comment for this, but send me an email pls.