Friday, August 17, 2012


Here are my weekly confessions

1. I cut my toenails with scissors at works his week.

2. I got mad at my boss for a decision he made and I wrote him a poem protesting it and left it on his desk.

3. I saw a sixteen year old kid buy something at the store and said something about it to P, and he over heard.

Fess up peeps


Brooke said...

dare i confess?

i was talking to a friend about how i don't like certain kinds of people, forgetting she was that kind of person at one time. oops!

Stacia said...

You wrote a poem. Classic. And I'm still LOLing. (sorry)

Ummmm.....I performed minor toenail surgery on my big toe during work hours as well. I'm sure it's a work related thing....:)

Rachel Buttner said...

haha - your Friday confessions make me llllllaugh! Does it really work to cut your toenails with scissors???