Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Disappointment

Like most other people in the world, or at least I assume so, I have been obsessed with the Olympics. For the past week, it is pretty much all I talk about and all I have thought about. I think that my productivity at work has probably gone down about 75% because we have a t.v. in the office and we have the Olympics on all day. If I am not watching the games, then I am looking up and reading everything I can find online. The summer Olympics are by far my favorite. Have you been watching it non stop too? 

Watching the in depth stories, seeing them in commercials, watching them shed tears of joy makes my heart melt. The purity of their excitement after winning the race makes me smile, and seeing the raw emotion of their disappointment sends me to the verge of tears. 

But a friend referenced an article on ESPN that P looked up online this weekend and shared with me. Call me naive, but I like to picture the athletes as good, wholesome, and moral men and women. I pictured the athletes as people so dedicated to their craft and so devoted to their sports that they would let nothing distract them, and they would spur each other onward. 

Well, I am stupid, and that idealism came crashing down this weekend. I read this article.

Disgusted, disappointed, and any respect I had for some of these athletes is gone. My bubble has been burst. 

Did you see this article? What do you think about all of this? 


Denise said...

i heard a similar story on the today show - our own Hope Solo divulged that the entire team showed up at the last olympics to an interview drunk. they had partied through the night. it is VERY disappointing.

missy said...

I was just discussing this topic with DH last night while we watched the games. I told him how disappointed I was and here are these "kids" yet most are in their 20s acting like teenagers while the parents are gone. I wonder if the sponsors have regrets.

Just these game you have Lochte and others talking about "peeing in the pool"....do we really need to know this? How childish it makes us look. Then you have other athletes from countries so poor that if they win a game it could change their lives forever.

It does make me look at the games completely different.

Brooke said...

i hadn't seen the article, but had heard about Lochte's antics. :( too bad.