Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joining the Cult

So this happened this weekend. We ended up biting the bullet and making the purchase. A store here in town was having a monster sale, so we talked about it all we long, looked at our finances, and decided to do it.

Our current computer is dying a slow and painful death. The speakers hardly work, it takes at least five minutes to turn on, and takes for ever to load a web page. We have already spent a couple hundred bucks on  anti viruses over the years, we had it taken in, and got it cleaned up, and still no noticeable difference. In the end, its something we knew we were going to have to purchase, and with the sale, it just seemed like the right time.

In addition, we are getting wifi tomorrow. For the past four years, we have been paying a big chunk of change for a satellite card, but that too has gotten pretty slow also. So starting tomorrow we will have wifi, which will save us some money each month.

Do you guys have a p.c. or a mac? Why did you choose what you did? Any tips on using a mac? We have the ipad, and that is the only experience I have with an apple product.


~Carla~ said...

Nice!! :) We have a laptop (pc) but only use it for iTunes & the girls play games on it. I'm all about my iPad! :) Enjoy your new toy!! ;)

Denise said...

still a pc - but as you know I love my iphone!!

yea for you though!!

Brooke said...

i've got a tiny netbook - got it for price reasons.

congrats on your new purchase!