Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas with Cash

I am done Christmas shopping!! Well, almost. I have maybe one or two more presents to buy, but that is it. Otherwise I am done done done done.

 This year, P and I saved money through out the year, and by October, we had saved up enough cash to pay  for our all of our gifts. It is funny that this year, I have come in under budget on each gift I purchased. I was able to use coupons, get some deals, and score some sales. Plus, it really does hurt when you fork over the cold hard cash. While I was out shopping, I debated each gift. I think because I did not swipe my debit card, it became so much more real to me.

I do have to admit one thing. This year has been a lot easier because for Christmas this year, P and I are giving each other a ski trip in February. So rather than give gifts to unwrap, we are just putting the money we would spend on each other into our vacation account.

One thing I would like to point out is the absence of our Christmas tree. We have two dogs and they are very well behaved. There is one problem, the white one, Bear, tends to urinate on plants until they die. Outside or in, he makes it his goal to kill any living thing he can.

We had a fern, and every time he went outside he urinated on it. A few weeks ago, we picked out a tree, had decorations in our basket at the store, and P looked at me and said, "We cannot put a living plant inside. Bear will have a field day." So no tree, no decorations for us this year.
How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?


~Carla~ said...

Great job with the Christmas shopping budget! :) I had saved enough nice & early as well.. and i'm done now. Thank the good Lord above! haha!! So no mini potted trees huh;)

Denise said...

all cash here too!! a week or so ago we decided to start collecting ALL our change through out the year and cashing it in next December. I'm all ready excited to see how much that will be.

and Brooklyn keeps taking the ornaments off our tree!!

Brooke said...

you gotta work with what you've got! i love your christmas table :D

every year i try to keep our present budget in the $300 range - the amount I get from my job as a bonus this time of year.