Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I just got so annoyed

Have you been getting more credit card offers in the mail lately? Me too. We have gotten at least one offer per day for the past 2 weeks. It is really annoying. P and I have not purchased anything on credit in at least 5 years. In all of that time, we have only purchased one item with borrowed money, our house. Other than that, everything we have purchased has been with cash. 

Every time I get one of those blasted offers in the mail I get even more annoyed. I know it is really petty, but I have started to take justice into my own hands.

Step 1, open the credit card offer, and remove all paper work with our names on it.

 Step 2: Rip up all the pages, and the envelope said offer came in.
 Step 3: Put all pieces into the prepaid envelope
 Step 4: Mail prepaid envelope back to the credit card company.
I know it is petty. I know it is childish. But, I figure, I am taking up a little bit of their time, I am helping to support the US postal system, and I am annoying the credit card companies. Plus, these companies charge insanely high rates to their clients. They often often unethical and have horrible business practices. 

This is my little form of protest. It is how I am sticking it to the man. 

Have you been getting more credit card offers? What do you do with offers that you don't want?


Denise said...

oh, I am so going to do that!

Brooke said...

i haven't noticed more, but then maybe i'm just becoming accustomed to taking them to the shredder.

Renee said...

Haha, like your idea....may have to try that since it would give the post office something to do. :) But I wouldn't want to be the innocent worker who opens that envelope of shredded paper...now if it went to the big boss, well,that's a different story...I'd even add some bright confetti in there. :)