Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend, and Snow in Texas after an 80 degree day?

P and I had a very exciting weekend.

I came home Friday from work, and P was at his company Christmas party. (No spouses allowed) I got to work cleaning the house. Yes, I know how to rage. As I was cleaning the kitchen, I turned on the dish washer I noticed water filling up in both sinks. I turned on the garbage disposal, and water started shooting up from the other side of the sink. CRAP! I called P, and could not get a hold of him, so I finally started bailing water from the sink and throwing it out in the yard. I ended up bailing a couple of gallons out of the sink over the course of an hour.

I made a video, sent it to P and he told me everything would be fine. I tried to load the video for you, but for some reason, I can't figure out how to get it up.

We tried putting Draino down the pipes and that didn't work, so finally we rented a machine and ended up doing this.

Good job P. He rented this machine to snake the pipes. There was some scary black gunk that came out of those pipes. Fortunately for us, P was able to fix the sink problems himself. We spent about 100.00 on the chemicals, a few things from Home Depot and the machine rental. When all was said and done, we saved ourselves anywhere from 300.00-600.00 by doing it ourselves. Scratch that, P saved us that money by having the know how to do it all himself while I stood by watching and asking him if we needed to get a plumber out.

The BEST news of all is that I woke up this morning to SNOW. Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees, and a front blew in last night and we woke up to SNOW. IN TEXAS.

Yes, that is about one zillionth of an inch on the ground and it only stuck to the deck not the ground, but we woke up to SNOW. I know that some of y'all live up North you see snow all the time and hate it all. But, this is Texas. I have seen snow in this state 4 times in my entire life.

All this snow put me in a great mood this morning.

How was your weekend?


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

That's great that you were able to do that yourselves! A plumber would have been so expensive.

lesley: the dream tree said...

eww, we had to rent one of those a couple of times and it's never, ever fun! i REALLY wish the video would've shown up. i'm sure it wasn't funny, but sounds like it would be to watch.
our weather is crazy like that too. was in the 70s and now it's like 30 today. i wish it would snow tho. if it's going to be cold and ugly, might as well have snow.
have a great week, girl!

Denise said...

way to go - d.i.y!!

hope your snow stayed around awhile to enjoy. just rain here!!

Brooke said...

i'm so jealous of the snow!! (not so much of the plumbing issues)