Monday, December 31, 2012

Here's to you

If we were sitting down together right now, I would pour you a glass of orange juice, some champs, and I would lift my glass and offer a toast to you. Here is to 2013, its going to be our year.
There is something so magical about having a mimosa on New Year's Eve. It seems so festive, bubbly, and exciting.
I would tell you that my 2012 was a good-hard year. Then I would ask you how your year was.
Did you reach your goals? Did you go on an adventure? Did you do something that scared you?  Did you hold tight to your family and tell them you love them? Did you lose someone close to you? How is work going? How is the family doing?
Then I would look you in the eye, and tell you that I have stopped watching the news because it hurts too much. I would tell you that I am a bit nervous, kind of scared, and totally irritated with our politicians right now. I would tell you how angry I am at them, both sides, for screwing around with our future.
But then, I would look at you and tell you that I am not going to let some yahoo's out in Washington dictate my future.
I would tell you how I am going to make resolutions again this year, even thought I didn't achieve them all last year.
This is a new start, a new year, another chance to change, another chance to make a difference, another chance to start over.
I am looking forward to this clean slate.
I would put down my cup, give you a hug, and let you know that we are all going to be ok. Things are uncertain, things are confusing, things are hard, but we are all going to be ok. I am looking foward to a new year. Its going to be a good one, I can feel it.
What are you looking towards?
Happy New Year to you, my friends. 


~Carla~ said...

Happy New Year!! :) *Cheers!!!*

Denise said...

i'd welcome that hug from you any day!

happy new year