Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An ode to eggs, the chocolate and caramel kind.

An ode to the egg.

O sweet egg, how I love thee,

But alas you are no good for me.

Sweet chocolate so tasty so nice

And salty caramel, I want to eat it thrice.

You only come out but once per year

So many months I long for you my dear,

You are no good for me this I know,

But I don't care, and that's fo sho.


I have just reached an all new low. I know this.

These caramel eggs are delish, and I cannot control myself during Easter season, because its the only time they come out. They are the greatest thing I have ever eaten. Nothing else can compare. Not Rolo's, not any candy bar. Nothing.

Last night P and I went to the store specifically for these. I went to the shelf and they were gone. I ended up pouting and walking around the store mad.

But, right before we left, I walked on the back side of a display and saw the last remaining few. I grabbed a bunch with two hands and literally ran through the store trying to find P so I could show him my delight.

We bought our hooch, and once I sat down in the car i tore it open and took a bite, and it was perfect. When P asked for some, I kinda wanted to slap him, but I gave him half.

I proceeded it eat five of them in record time. I then went into a massive sugar high, then crashed really hard. I am feeling a bit hung over today from my sugar binge.

My mother in law described me as a predator of those eggs. Ouch.

What's your favorite candy?



Brooke said...

i'm more of a peeps kinda girl

Heather said...

Easter offers the best candy selection in my book. I like all the cadbury egg varieties - mini, cadbury cream, the caramel ones. I LOVE peeps. Those reeses eggs. Pretty much all of it I love. I have to stay out of the stores too much before Easter or I binge :-)

With my kids, we will do a lot of this stuff in their baskets...unfortunately for them they are too little to eat all of that candy, so it gets "donated" to me. Is that mean? :-)

Holly KN said...

As a general rule, I like 3 Musketeers and Snickers bars. But around Easter, I really love marshmallow eggs - especially the ones covered with dark chocolate. Yummmmmmm.........

lesley: the dream tree said...

mmmmmm, yum! I love those and the mini eggs with the crunchy shell. I gave up chocolate until Sunday so I cant wait to tear into all of these and reeses eggs....

~Carla~ said...

5!?!? I can imagine that would be a mega crach & burn! lol!! I don't eat any easter candy, but if I could, anything peanut butter!!

Jeano said...

Psh, I wouldn't call it a low. These babies only come out once a year; it'd be a crime NOT to eat as many as humanly possible while you can. "Being healthy" is what the rest of the year is for. Also, that's a wonderful ode.

Sarah Kopf said...

Those are my nemesis! Best.Candy.EVER.