Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday confessions

And once again, here are my weekly confessions

1. I blew my morning breath in P's face

2. I actually adjusted my bra in front of a group of people

3. My shorts were giving me a major wedgie at the gym, and I kept picking it.

4. I'm blogging from work

5. I ate 5 caramel eggs in less then 5 minutes.


Fess up peeps


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

I'm ALWAYS adjusting my bra in front of people haha. My friends think it's normal now

Holly KN said...

1. I wrote an entire blog post about deodorant.

2. I'm cleaning today while my husband is...napping. He's sick, but it's still making me a tad cranky.

3. I have been eating white bread and white rice lately. Nothing brown or "whole". (except the bread is from the breadmaker...)

4. I totally got dates goofed up and just sent someone a time-specific "Good Luck!" email for an event that's happening - NEXT weekend. At least I was early?

5. I accidentally stole a towel from the gym this week...

Jeano said...

I must be the least self-aware person on the planet because I really want to participate but can't think of anything! It's not that I'm perfect; there's probably just too many to think of.

Brooke said...

i always blog at work.
i'm binge drinking coffee.

Lizbeth said...

That's crazy with the eggs.