Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dumping Ground

Hello, my name is Allison, and I have a dumping problem. Eww, I just reread that sentence, and the 7th grader inside of me cringed.

This is the love seat near the door in our living room. Every day when I come in, I throw all of my stuff on this love seat. My work out clothes and bags, my jacket, my shoes, and my left over lunch containers.

The stuff you see is everything that I have in my hands when I come into the house at multiple times a day, and by 6:00 PM every night this is what I am left with. I usually clean the mess up before bed, only to have it all end up on the love seat the next day.

This week, I am vow to y'all, P, and myself  that I will keep the love seat clean. I will put up my stuff right when I come in the door and not leave it for later.

I am going to be proactive and fix my dumping problem. (Eww again).

What do you do with all of your stuff when you walk in the door? Do you put it up right away or do you leave it somewhere like I do?


Denise said...

this is exactly what my kids do at the foot of our stairs heading to their rooms!!

I, of course, put all my things away:)

Sarah Kopf said...

I do this too, but on the kitchen counter. I've made a much better effort lately, but there's still work to be done! lol


Heather said...

All four of us do that here...and in different spots :-) I'm not sure why taking the extra 30 seconds to put stuff in its place is so difficult! But, apparently it is!

Brooke said...

our stuff gets dumped on the island in the kitchen. i've tried to combat it (putting a bowl of fruit, a basket, anything really) but we just dump around it.

Anonymous said...

Its like watching a t.v show everyday when she comes in. Its expected.

Holly KN said...

When I'm super-busy, I say, "It's not really my house (or couch). It's my transition area." (multi-sport dork joke)

My solution was to use my trusty countdown timer. I put it by the door and set it for 5 minutes. Immediately when I walk in, I hit "Start". Then, I "beat the clock" to get all my stuff cleaned up in 5 minutes. The amount of time is so small that it's hard to say no to, and "beat the clock" keeps me from getting distracted and starting other tasks. Usually 5 minutes gets me finished (or close enough to finished so that NOT finishing seems stupid).

Maybe a similar system would work for you?

Jeano said...

Funny you should ask, because that is EXACTLY what I do. I've never understood it - it would take two seconds to put things in their rightful place and I end up doing it eventually anyway, so why not just do it in the first place?! I'm still trying to figure that one out.

lesley: the dream tree said...

how did you do this week?
i pretty much do the same thing, except ours is our dining room table that we never use and i don't pick it up every nite. makes the condo look a mess. glad i'm not the only one!