Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday confessions

Here are my weekly confessions.

1. Instead of throwing all my junk on the couch, I have been throwing on the floor next to the couch.

2. We worked really hard on our garden this weekend. I have not gone out there to check on it once.

3. I had a dream that P and I got in a fight. I woke up and decided to be mad at him even though it was a dream.

4. I'm typing these confessions from work.

5. I was supposed to do a really quick three mile run today. I did the three miles but stopped more times than I can count.


Fess up my friends.


Rochelle said...

I've been sleeping in my son's bed since he won't.get.out.of.ours and prefer it!!

Stacia said...

I laughed at all of these!! :) ummmm.....I have nothing good to confess, so...I think that makes me perfect for the week (ahahahah)

Have a great weekend :)

Holly KN said...

I ate peanut butter + Nutella off a spoon *ahem*morethanonce*ahem* this week.

I ignored an email that should have been answered promptly, and thus caused an avalanche of mis-understandings.

I paid out to replace an iPhone after 6 drips of water got in the wrong cavity. Stupid...*sigh*

Brooke said...

does drinking beer during my race count? ;)