Monday, March 11, 2013

Growing grass, just not the smoking kind

Just call P and I the Yard Dawgs, whoof whoof.
For the second weekend in a row, P and I have been out in the back yard working out buns off.
This little patch of land has been the bane of my existence since we moved into our house last summer. This patch of our yard is ugly, dirty, and every time it rains, the dirt spreads to our driveway. We also have two dogs who seem to revel in that area of our yard, especially when it rains, or right after I mop the kitchen floor.
P and I decided we were going to do something about it this past weekend.
For less than $100.00 and a lot of sweat equity, we transformed this part of the yard.

Dirty Dirt Dirty

We were fortunate that we decided to plant the grass on a day when a major rainstorm was moving through town. It took about four hours total to buy the grass, pick up some compost/manure mixture, and lay the grass. Those four hours flew.

We finished up the last 1/2 of the project in the rain, but we didn't care. We wanted it done, and we wanted it to look good, and I think it does!

While P was finishing up the final touches, I reworked the stone garden around the base of the tree, and I think it looks so much better than it did before.

The best part of all these projects that P and I are doing is that its money we have been setting aside all year long. Each month we budget some money to our house fund or improvements and projects.

It is so much fun to do work at a home that is yours. We lived in an apartment for two years, and we always talked about how much fun it would be to work on our own home, to do improvements and to fix the house just the way we wanted.

How was your weekend?


M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

We really need to buy grass also. Our front and backyard looks HORRIBLE.

Heather said...

Nice job! Our yard is full of weeds - I think that is why I keep digging it up for more garden space :-)

Rochelle said...

Ahhh...I remember green grass! Hopefully ours will return once this dagnabbin snow/cold is gone.

Stacia said...

Love the before & after pics!! What a great project!!! ")

Denise said...

my hubbie and I love working on projects like this together. The rain was perfect timing for your new grass. And, I love the rock garden. for some reason, I love rocks.

Jeano said...

Wow, that really DOES look much better! When I first saw the pictures I did a double take because I wasn't sure they were of the same spot!

I've never made any effort to decorate the different places I've lived because I know I'm probably not going to be there long. Someday (probably a long, long time from now) I'll make some place look great! For now, it's bare, white walls...

Holly KN said...

Honestly, I enjoy apartment living, letting someone else take care of the outdoor maintenance details. Maybe at some point in my life, I'll want to transform a place of my own. But for now, I prefer to spend that time running, blogging, sleeping, or hanging with friends.

Honestly, though - the transformation does look great, and I can see the sense of accomplishment it provides. Pretty hard core, working through a rainstorm and all! ;-)

Brooke said...

it looks great!! :) i'm far too lazy to bother with yard work.

~Carla~ said...

Oh wow!! That looks awesome! So much better! Well done! :)