Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clutter: Work Edition

I said it yesterday and I will say it again: I like to de clutter. I have done my home and I feel great. I am a teacher and teachers tend to be pack rats. I am not one of those teachers. If I don't use it, then it is tossed or given away.
Well, there is a kinder teacher who's room looks like a tornado blew through. She is a pack rat and wont throw anything away. There are stacks and piles of papers, binders, art supplies, craft supplies, paint, and everything else just laying around her room. I have no idea how she or her students can A. concentrate, B. find anything. So I told her about a month ago that if she would like I would come and help her organize her room. She said yes. So for the past 2 mornings before school I have gone into her room to help her get organized. Let me tell you I have not organized a thing, we are still in the throw away stage. There are things that have not been used in 5 years that are laying around. I got dust in my eyes and had to use eye drops when we were going through the piles.
I was in there for 15 minutes this morning and we already had a trash can full of stuff. Plus, she loves it. She is seeing shelf space she has not seen in years! I feel like I should be on one of those HGTV clean out shows.
I feel that if you are in a tidy and organized space, then you are more efficient and productive. You are not wasting your time looking though a maze of things. It is calming and peaceful.
So wish me luck on helping my friend.

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Rochelle said...

You should take before and after shots! A few years ago, my husband's school district built a new school. I helped him pack up his classroom for the move. Let me tell you. He never cleaned out the room when he took over the class and there were papers from the previous teacher dating 20 years! There were papers of kids that I graduated with!! Good luck!!