Saturday, May 16, 2009

The great outdoors

Today P and I went down to the river to kayak. We did not get to go for very long because it started raining but it was so much fun. It has been almost a year since I have been out on the river kayaking. It was so peaceful and beautiful out there. I think part of the reason that I like the outdoors so much is because when I stop and soak it all in and enjoy it, I am reminded of the one who created it. I realize how big God is and how small I really am. I realize that he has a master plan and I am blessed to be apart of his work. He creates things that are so much more amazing than anything I could ever create.
As I sit here it is raining outside and the temp. has dropped about 10 degrees. I know we need the rain but I don't really like it. For some reason the rain always seems sad to me. I like sunshine. I like bright and airy. I like to be able to go outside and run or go to the park and go on a hike. You can't do those things when it rains. But, I realize that the rain is needed, and it does bring some peace and quiet. I am sitting here with the t.v. off, looking out the window at the rain, and listening to my dog snore like an 80 year old lumber jack. It is making me laugh so hard. I will post some pictures of the big guy this week.
Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Rochelle said...

It rained here in Western Pa too. I also get a little moody when it rains. It makes me want to get under the covers and sleep. We also have a snoring dog. He's a 9 lb chihuahua but he out snores my husband easily!

Denise said...

I can really relate to this