Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I think that my favorite time of day is dusk. That short, fleeting time of day when everything has ended, everything is calm, and the day is about to fade into the night. Sitting outside at dusk is pure bliss.
Sometimes I think it is odd that I like dusk so much. First, it is such a short time of day, which means change is coming. I don't like change. Second, the day is ending, and I really don't like the night time. I have never liked the night. When I was younger I used to have horrible nightmares, and I have never cared for darkness. I like the light. I like bright, airy, sunny things that give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.
But there is something so beautiful about dusk. That intermix between light and dark that sets the skies ablaze with colors so vibrant I wish I could touch them. The oranges, pinks, and blues all mix together to make a spectacular show that even the greatest t.v. images cannot touch. I often feel like God made dusk just for me. It is his little time to show me how beautiful his creation is, and I just get to stare in wonder and awe of the one who made it.
Enjoy the dusk this evening, I know I will.

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Denise said...

I loved reading that. if I didn't have to get up so darn early I think I would have a whole different attitude towards dusk and night. All I think about is... I have to get to bed.

i too had horrible nightmares as a child. horrible.