Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is pink and green, and its pretty!

I really like reading p.f. blogs. It intrigues me to find out how other people live and how they spend their money. I like to read about how people spend their money and the things they do to cut costs and corners in order to save. For P and I a system that works is budgeting, using the envelope system, and giving ourselves some "fun money" or cash from each pay check for us to spend any way we choose to.
One topic that I have noticed when I read p.f. blogs is a continue discussion of taking your lunch to work. For me, it has never been a discussion, I have always taken my lunch to work or school. When I was in college I just ate at home, and when I was in grad school I was broke, so I had to bring my lunch everyday.
And now, I still bring my lunch. The phrase that everyone uses is "brown bagging" it. I don't like that phrase. Brown bagging just sounds so gross and plain. No I pink and green it. Below is a picture of my super cute lunch box that I bring to work with me every day.

I usually bring the same thing to work everyday. I bring two pieces of string cheese for my snack. For lunch I usually bring left overs from the night before which is usually some kind of lean protein such as chicken, and normally some kind of steamed veggies from the night before also. Then I bring jello or yogurt and nuts for a mid day pick me up to give me some energy for my afternoon workout.
One thing I have done recently is bought a few of those tiny Tupperware containers to hold my jello. I just make a big batch and then pour it into the small containers and throw them in my lunch. I used to buy the individual ones, but a. they were a lot more expensive than making them myself, and b. I hated throwing away those little plastic cups every day.
Plus, eating out is simply not an option for me at work. First, my lunch time is only 30 minutes, and we are on duty during lunch, so I spend the 1st 10-15 minutes mediating arguments, making sure kids are in their correct seat, and dusting kids off from recess. After that, I eat really quickly and then its time to go back to class.
So yes, I bring much lunch everyday. I do it because it saves us money and because it is just practical.
I don't like to say "brown bagging" it because it so gross and dull. I consider my lunch to be healthy and yummy and it is something I enjoy!
Do you bring your lunch to work or eat out?


Anonymous said...

I always bring my lunch to work. as do my kids to school. no hot lunch for them. now my husband, that is a different story.

Simplelivin' said...

I also bring mine too. My friend got me a super cute Vera lunch bag so I can eat in style.
You might want to think about buying a large tub of yogurt and putting in the small contains like the saves money and waste too. :-)

Rochelle said...

Great idea for the jello. I have a ton of them for my kids lunches but never thought to pre-fill with jello -hmmm pudding would be good too. I just talked about taking lunches to work on my blog and I just scored a cute lunch tote from one of the outside reps. And I just got addicted to my children's string cheese!