Friday, May 15, 2009

Were number 1!

I am sitting here right now basking the in glow of victory! As a life long athlete, I know that for some reason, the excitement of victory never lasts as long as the sting of defeat, so I am relishing the afterglow of our win!
It was not actually my win, but my students. We had our district track meet yesterday and our boys won 1st place, and our girls won 2nd place. They were so excited last night when they got to go down and get their trophy. It was a great way to finish the season. It meant so much to my kids and I am so proud of them. They worked so hard and gave it their all and there is nothing more I could ask for. For a small private school in the middle of the inner city with no track, we did awesome! We ran sprints on the football field and long distance in the parking lot. But for them, none of that mattered. All they wanted was to be given a chance to run. They had so much fun, as did I. I think my excitement also comes from the fact that there are no more after school practices either. Our season was long, and made even longer by the postponement of extracurriculars due to the swine flu.
School is coming to a close, a week and a half left and this was a great way to start winding down the year!


Anonymous said...

hip hip hooray!

oh exciting!

Anonymous said...

how exciting is what I meant to say

Rochelle said...

Good job! My husband also coaches track/field in spring and cross country in summer/fall and his season just ended. He too is relieved and proud. He is responsible for the long distance and relay on t/f and they did really good in their sectionals. It's a big commitment when you coach and it means so much to the kids!
Your kids really need you and even though it can be emotionally and physically draining remember how good it felt watching them get their trophies. My husband says that's what keep him going after all these years. ;)