Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Recently I have found myself aching for a vacation. That is a bit odd for me because I really enjoy "staycations." I like being at my house, in my town, doing my own thing. Lately however, I have the strongest desire to lay on a beautiful beach in some exotic island with my husband on one side and a radio playing island music on the other. I want to stare into the ocean and wonder at its endless mysteries, while I watch the sky bursting with colors as the sun sets in the horizon. I want to eat fish that was caught hours before it was placed on my plate. I want to explore exotic shops and mingle with locals, but I know that this year that will not happen. P and I are working on our Baby Steps and we are trying to get our e-fund fully funded. We are doing everything we can and we are on the right track. But I still long for that vacay in the sun.
We decided that we are no longer taking trips on credit. If we want a trip, we have to have it paid for in full before we go. We did this in December on our trip to the Carolina's and it was an amazing feeling not to have the bills roll in at the end of the month. All we had to do was write a check from our vacation fund account and everything was done! Sunday night P was checking his email and he said "you know its junk mail when the subject line says are you stressed out by all your debts, we can help." He just smiled and said "we don't have any debts." I looked at him and smiled and was just as pleased.

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Rochelle said...

Wow! I swear I smelled coconut oil while reading your description! And yes, isn't it satisfying to pay for something so wonderful and there's no anxiety attached.