Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunshine On, TV Off

Summer is here! I am jumping for joy! YEA!
This whole week, P and I have been watching very little TV and it is awesome. Today we didn't even turn it on. We got up and went for a walk, ran some errands, and then played in the park with our nephews and brother in-law. I did not miss watching TV for a second. We didn't even have the TV on much yesterday either, which is great. I don't feel like P and I watch a ton of TV, but I defiantly think that we are making a point to turn it off and do some other activities instead. For example, today we waded in the river and then went on a paddle boat at the park.
It was a beautiful day down here. I hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday, ours was simply wonderful.


Anonymous said...

same here. It is great. I'd rather be outside than in front of that darn thing!

Simplelivin' said...

That's great! I love summer! It's so easy to do fun activities on the cheap/free! Paddle boat sounds like so much fun!!!