Saturday, December 26, 2009

Its a Maine thing

This morning I left my house in Texas and it was a balmy 50 degrees. Tonight I am 2206.50 miles away from home, in Maine with temperatures in the low 20's. We are up in the mountains and there is a storm "a bruin" so we could possibly lose power tonight. Hopefully the storm will bring some snow and we can hit the slopes in the morning. This is my first time skiing so I am excited and a bit nervous. I am sure there will be times this week where my pride, ego, and bum will be hurt, but I am going to take it in stride and do my very best!
Once again tonight I am going to bed with my tank full and my heart bursting. Being around people I love has a way of energizing me and making me remember what is truly important.

One more thing--I am famous, sort of. I was interviewed by a news reporter this afternoon when we landed. He was asking me questions about airline security and if I felt safe after what happened earlier this week in Detroit. So yes it is true, living the fabulous life of a celebrity is extremely hard, but hey some body's got to do it. :)

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Anonymous said...

excuse me - but where is the clip? You are in Maine now? wow! You are getting around these days. Let's make an agreement to both eat better today : ) Enjoy the slopes.