Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Confessions

In honor of being at my parents house this week, I decided that this week's confessions would be retro, blast from the past, the musings of my yester-years. Basically, here is some of the crap I did in high school that was stupid.

1.The mailbox ended up under my car as I backed out the drive way once.
2. I closed my eyes while driving over a bridge in drivers ed because I got scared.
3. I failed math one 6 weeks my sophmore year.
4. I wore a short skirt to school most Fridays, and told my teacher/soccer coach that I was sent home for my skirt being too short in order to miss his weekly quizzes.
5. When I couldnt sleep I would go stand next to my parents bed and make sure they were still breathing. (It was supposed to be loving, but came off creepy)

Ok, fess up, what are some of your confessions from yester-year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Needing Normalcy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was Awesome!

We had a ton of fun, spent lots of time with family, and ate great food.

We arrived back home to find our fridge in a pretty bare state. There is bread, eggs, an onion, some old jalapenos, and butter. Yummy! Needless to say, we don't have much food, and I need to hit the store soon.

While at the store I am only going to be loading up on fruits, grains, and veggies. I need to detox from all the food I ate. Basically, I spent the last few days opening presents in between moments of ecstasy with some M&M's. I was pretty hard core, pouring handful after handful into my mouth for 4 days straight. I went in single handidly, I double fisted it, and then I poured the container into my mouth, classy I know. My mom figures I went through 3 large family size bags of M&M's this week. Uhh, Houston, I have a problem.

When I took a break from the M&M's, I hit up my grandmas chocolate cake hard core also. I ate 50% of a chocolate cake, while the rest of the family shared the other half. I promise, I am not exaggerating.

Starting tomorrow, I am getting back on the wagon, and returning to my normal eating patterns.

Like any good addict, it felt great in the moment, but once I stopped binging for about 5 minutes, I felt guilty, sad, and embarrassed at my consumption. My running felt like crap because I was fueled by crap.

Will I ever learn?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

20 going on 13

I hope that yall have been having a great Christmas. Ours has been full of family, food, fun, and lots of laughter, just what a holiday should be. Being back at my childhood home in Houston, I realized that I have somehow managed to revert from being a 20 somthing female into a 13 year old male. Heres how

1.I wake to find my mom making my breakfast each morning.
2. My personal hygene has been questionable at best.
3. When I have actually showered, its been with Old Spice.
4. I don't recall brushing my teeth today.
5. I don't recall putting on deodrant the past 2 days.
6. Clearly, I am mal odorous
7. I have been eating non stop.
8. I have not changed out of sweats in the past 36 hours.
9. I have been farting and scratching openly.
10. When the opportunity arrises, I "probe" my mom, even as her head is in the oven checking our Christmas meal.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions:

1. We are so out of food that I ate carrots dipped in Ragu for flavor.
2. Hygenically, I currently have more in common with a 13 year old boy than a 20 something female.
3. Today my diet has consisted of fistful of m&m's, salad, an orange, followed by 2 more m&m binges.
4. I am embarrased to admit that I have not washed my hair in 5 days, again.
5. Most of my panties have holes of some kind in them because they are so old.
Fess up, what have you done wrong this week?

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I shop at Walmart from time to time. It is really close, it is a one stop shop, it is cheap, and I leave there feeling pretty good about myself (as compared to most others there), but pretty ashamed to be an American.

Everyone has an opinion about Walmart, some good, others bad.
While at Walmart, I have observed many different things:
-Rich and poor shop at Walmart
-There are a lot of rude people at Walmart, employees and customers alike.
-I have seen a couple attempt to steal a t.v.
-I I have seen a woman put her basket in a very long checkout line and walk away to continue shopping, and come back with a handful of goods.
-I have heard some curse words that I did not know could be put together.
-I have seen open packages laying on the shelf--clearly someone didn't feel like paying for that Snickers bar.
-I have seen a box of condoms placed in the freeze section
-I have been paid to shop there--my coupons were more than my total and I got money back--that was awesome!
-They price match!
-I have gotten mad when I have seen others use food stamps then get into a nicer car than I have.

Through it all, I have seen some crazy things at Walmart. Clearly, some things have been pretty bad, but there are 2 things that inspire me:
-The Greeters and -Angelo
The greeters are usually elderly men and women, or they are the mentally ill. I usually make a point to stop and talk to them. I think it is Awesome that Walmart will give them a job.
The greatest thing I have seen at Walmart this year is Angelo. When I shop there, I look to see if he is working at a register, and I usually try to get into his line. I don't know much about him other than what I have observed, but I like him a lot.
Here is what I have observed about Angelo
-He is probably in his mid 50's
-He is probably an immigrant from Middle Eastern descent
-He has a mustache
-None of that really matters. The reason that I like to have him check out my groceries is because of his work ethic
-He is kind and respectful to everyone
-He always has a smile
-He does not work or act like he is "just" a cashier
-He takes pride in his job
-He talk to everyone
-He has a neat and tidy appearance
-He does his best every time.

His work ethic is 100% better than 99% of the other employees that I have encountered. He works like he is happy to have the opportunity to have a job, rather than act like he is too good for his job.
One of the best lessons that I learned as a child was to view each job as an opportunity, and to never think I was too good to do any job. I have worked as a hostess, a nanny, and a hotel maid, but I did all of them with pride.

Angelo's attitude and work ethic some something that we need a lot more of here in America.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Confessions

Here are my confessions from this week:

1. I ate 57 almonds one day--and yes I counted.
2. We have 1 Christmas decoration up and I already tried to get rid of it, but P would not let me banish it from our house.--Bah hum bug
3. I've been having some allergy issues- and I picked my nose while driving without shame.
4. Sometimes I fake turning the tension up on my bike during spinning; and I make facial expressions like it is really hard.
5. I fear that I have made my family Words With Friends monsters.

Fess up everyone---what are your weekly confessions?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Quote and some updates

-It is only Tuesday, but P and I have tomorrow off to hang out and do some Christmas shopping. I plan/hope to get everything done in 1 day!
-We have currently purchased 2 presents. Yep, just 2.
-We went to the store last night and used 1 coupon for .55 cents off my organic carrots--Watch out TLC Extreme Coupons, I'm comin' for ya.
-The weather stinks around here, I need the SUN!

Finally, I was listening to a local radio show and they were discussing the new book 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the wisest Americans by Karl Pillemer, Ph. D.
The quote that stuck out to me the most was in regards to marriage. He said in his research, while interviewing those who have been married for at least 30 years had this piece of advise:

"When you begin to keep score, you are in trouble. Sometimes it is 90%-10%. Sometimes you are the 90%, sometimes you are the 10%."
So true. So very true. I know that in our marriage, I am guilty of this all the time. If I clean the kitchen, I think about it, because, I am a score keeper, and for that I have to say I am sorry to my husband. I don't ever take into account all that he does. I always remember when I am the 90%, but I never like to recognize when I am the 10%.
Thanks for loving me even when I am 10% or less P.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Restorative Run

Last week, I was off as far as my running was concerned. I ran four times last week, and each time, each run felt like a battle. They were hard, uninspired, unimpressive, and frustrating. Whenever I have a few bad runs in a row, I always start to question my running and doubt myself, which continued to lead to more and more bad runs.
I downloaded new music, and that didn't help. I ran outside and it was terrible. I ran on the treadmill and hated every second of it. I tried a speed work out, and felt terrible the whole time. I went to a few spinning classes and they were great, but my running suffered and I hated it. Every time I started to feel tired, to feel pain, or even started breathing hard, I would just quit. I stopped pushing myself and gave into the doubt and listened to that doubtful voice in my head that said I would never be able to do it.
On Saturday, I decided to go out and just run. I had no pace goal. I left my Garmin at home, and I decided to just run. I wanted to run to feel good, I wanted to run to lose myself in my thoughts. I wanted to run to not think about running. I wanted to enjoy myself and let go of the doubt monster. And I did. I ran some hills, some pretty hard hills, and they hurt, but I did it. There were points where I was tired and wanted to quit, but I powered through and did it. It is funny how one good run could give me my confidence back. I needed that run on Saturday. It helped me gain my confidence back and brought back my swagger.
One thing I realized was that I ran two marathons without the help of my Garmin watch, and I did just fine. While I like running with the watch, when I wear it, I look at it obsessively and worry about pace and negative splits. I think I need to go out without the watch some days and just run for the pleasure of it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions:

1. I didn't pick up my dog's poo 2 times again this week. Ok, it was really 3 times.
2. I killed 3 plants by leaving them outside uncovered in 20 degree weather.
3. I ate so much Panera bread at an office event that I made myself ill.
What are your weekly confessions? Fess up ladies.

Editor's note: P told me that last week my confessions were weak. I told him, I don't make this stuff up, this is the stuff that I do that I usually feel really guilty about. Some weeks, I am just better than others.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Here are some quotes from our house this weekend.

I am sorry for being such a bitch. (her)

Where is that new hair brush we got you? (Him)

Have you brushed your hair today? (Him)

Would you like me to brush your hair for you? (Him)

Now that we got you that fancy toothbrush, you don't get to get in bed without brushing your teeth (Her)

Go shower, you stink(Him)

It does us good to have some time apart (Him)

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? (Her)

I am so tired of the rain (Her)

It has only been raining for one day (Him)

This is my 3rd trip to Target this weekend (Her)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It is silver

About 3 weeks ago we bought this (its a Honda Pilot)

We paid for the car in full using something alot like this...............................

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Confessions

Here are my Friday Confessions:

1. I have eaten asparagus several times this week--it is having some unfortunate side effects.
2. P and I fought this week and gave each other the silent treatment. I broke first, that never happens.
3. We bought a box of cereal on Sunday, I threw the empty box away on Tuesday. P had 1 handful of cereal.
4. I may have eaten some M&M's that I pulled out of my trash can at work.

Fess up chickas--what have you done this week.