Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday confessions

Here are my weekly confessions

1. I saw trash on the bathroom floor at work and left it there.

2. I had a bad day, so at lunch I ate my feelings

3. I had a bad day, so at dinner I drank my feelings

4. I smoke screened several times at best buy

5. My boss was complaining about the taste of the water from our new filtration system. I responded by saying, "I'm sorry, that's a real terrible first world problem you are having."

Fess up peeps.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yet another great time sucker

This is Abe Lincoln. This is a new pastime of his. I’m not proud.

Have you guys seen this website? O my gosh! I spent 30 minutes of my workday looking at this site and laughing so hard that I actually cried.

What are your time sucking websites that you look at?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Confessions

Here are my weekly confessions


1. I watched all the Twilight movies...again.

2. I picked up dog poo from the yard and was attempting to put it all in one spot. I ended up flinging it with the shovel to hard and it stuck to the fence. It's still there.

3. I spent a lot of un-budgeted money at banana republic this week an attempt to feminize myself, I have been painting my nails. This has led me to walk with my hands up palms facing out. I look like I am fighting off an attacker or getting ready to do a dance move.


Fess up peeps.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We are smarter than we know

I post about the dumb junk I do all the time. Every Friday I confess all the random, stupid, embarrassing, and idiotic things that I do each week. There are days that I reread what I posted and I just shake my head. I don't even want to know what yall think of me with my unwashed hair, unshaven legs, and my unlucky man who gets all this. But, the best part about revealing my dumb side, is that each week all of you tell me your confessions too! Every Friday night P and I read your comments and laugh out loud because we probably do the same thing! I love hearing that you ate too much chocolate, or picked your nose in public, or didn't wash your hands in the restroom. It is so comforting to know I am not the only weirdo out here, even though we haven't met. I can just picture you being your weird awesome self over in st. Louis, Canada, or Seattle.

Despite letting our freak flags fly, there is one truth that I know, WE are all smarter than we know, and that we let on. I was given an assignment earlier this week and I kept pushing it to the side. I am a master of procrastinator, when I don't want to do something. I needed to interpret some really complex legal issues for a client, and I kept telling myself that I couldn't do it. Today, I sat down with it, and 45 minutes later it was done. I presented my finding to my boss, he said good job, end of story. After that brief moment I wondered, why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we sell ourselves short time and time again? I realized, I am smart and capable and I can do anything I set my mind to. We all can. YOU can. So often as women, we under estimate our abilities. Why? Why do we give in, give up, or worst of all, not even try?

You are smart and talented, and I challenge you to show it off today, right now. Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents just got her MBA! Amazing! Erika over at From Shopping to Savings is starting in top law school. Its gonna be hard, but she will rock it! Dense atCapturing the Days got certified to teach yoga. She has students whomlove her! The point is these girls used their brains to achieve their goals and passions. That is awesome.


So right now, today stop under estimating yourself, and start believing in your God given abilities.

I want to hear something you have done recently to flex your brain muscles. What is it? It's bragging time girls.

P.S. I know this is totally random and not girl power related at all, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I love you so much!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fear Week, I am going to do something that makes me nervous

Fear has played way to prominent part in my life for far too long. I can think of examples in my life when I have been paralyzed by fear, or I have made decisions out of fear. Fear of getting hurt, fear of feeling awkward, fear of taking a chance.

 I get my fear from my father. My dad is awesome, and he loved us so much growing up, and I think that because he loved us so much, all he ever wanted to do was protect us. I think that he was so scared that we would get hurt, sick, injured, or even feel some kind of pain, that he tried to shield us. As a result, he was always worried about us, and I think that I watched my dad give into fear for a long time, that I adopted that fear for myself. While my dad has learned to let go and live by faith now, I still struggle with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of something, anything.

It is funny to me that one of my major weaknesses is fear because I married a man who is fearless. Fear is not something my P struggles with. He looks at challenges head on and attacks them. When he sees me giving into fear or being stopped by indecision, he is that voice whispering softly to go for it, because even if I fall, he is right there behind me to help pick me up, dust me off, and push me to keep going.
Last week, I was sitting on the toilet (TMI???) and as I reached for the toilet paper, I looked at something that I framed a long time ago. It sits on the window sill of my bathroom right next to the Charmin, so I have to look at it every day. (And yes, if you know anything about us, P and I don't change the roll) I might not wash my hair very often, but I sure as know what I mean. I framed the cover of a card and I read that quote "Do one thing every day that scares you" on a daily basis.

This week, I am going to look my fear in the face and take the challenge head on. I am moving forward with my dream. I am a good writer, I know this, and I want to do something with writing. This week, I am going to pitch an idea to a local journal for a story idea. I am going to try and get a gig as a freelance writer.
For some people, this is not a big deal. For me, I am scared out of my mind to put myself out there and take a chance, but I am doing it. I am going to reach out to the publication by Friday of this week and pitch my idea.

Fear, I will not give into you. I will not let you hold me back. This week Fear, I am going to kick your trash.

Do you struggle with fear? What do you fear the most? Have you ever been paralyzed by fear?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Just one of those days

Today is just one of those days. Nothing wonderful, exciting, or spectacular happened at all. I was walking down the street at lunch just a moment ago, and the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I was basking in 90 degree temps, which at this point make me want to grab my sweater, but on this ordinary day I had a realization. All the sudden something in my head said:You are going to be ok.

I smiled, laughed, and kept walking and for no good reason I felt free, I felt light, and joyful.


That's my message to you today my friends, you are going to be ok. We are all going to be ok.

Have the greatest Monday of your life!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Here are my weekly confessions

1. I cut my toenails with scissors at works his week.

2. I got mad at my boss for a decision he made and I wrote him a poem protesting it and left it on his desk.

3. I saw a sixteen year old kid buy something at the store and said something about it to P, and he over heard.

Fess up peeps

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The ipad makes me bad at my job....and my life

Hi my name is Allison and I am addicted to the Ipad. Hi my name is Allison and the Ipad makes me a slacker at work. Hi my name is Allison and when I don't have the Ipad, I want to turn around, run home and get it. 
I forgot the ipad at home today. I usually bring it with me where ever I go. The Ipad belongs to P and I, but he has one provided by his work, so I carry our personal one with me most days. When I get to work every day, I unload my bag and set up the ipad at my desk so I can surf the internet and read your blogs through out the day. 
Without the ipad today, I felt vulnerable, exposed, and almost naked. But, on the flip side, I was so productive today. I got so much done, I feel like a rock star. 

Food for thought. But, Ipad, I pink winky promise to never ever leave you alone all day again. 

Are you addicted to technology?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I wish

Here are a few things on my wish list right now.

I wish for/that

1. World peace, of course

2. That my stomach didn't hurt from eating a large tub of movie pop corn.

3. That everyone knew of Christ's love.

4. That all of my family and friends lived on the same street in a beautiful location.

5. That I wouldn't have accidentally missed the toilet and pee on my aunts floor ( don't even ask how that happened)

6. That I had more of my toenails

7. That I owned my own business

8.That I had my mothers discipline

9. That I had my fathers mercy

10. That P really knew how much I love him, and that he is my very bestest friend in the whole wide world.


What are some things you are wishing for right now?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday confessions

1. I stole P's super expensive toothbrush and use it for myself now.

2. I eat the frozen cookie dough at work that the receptionist uses to bake cookies for clients.

3. I ate about 10 cookies today.

4. I went to a socializing thing for work and spent the first thirty minutes hiding out in the back of the office so I would not have to meet new people.

5. I brush my teeth while I pee in the mornings to achieve maximum efficiency.


Fess up peeps. What did you do wrong this week.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Disappointment

Like most other people in the world, or at least I assume so, I have been obsessed with the Olympics. For the past week, it is pretty much all I talk about and all I have thought about. I think that my productivity at work has probably gone down about 75% because we have a t.v. in the office and we have the Olympics on all day. If I am not watching the games, then I am looking up and reading everything I can find online. The summer Olympics are by far my favorite. Have you been watching it non stop too? 

Watching the in depth stories, seeing them in commercials, watching them shed tears of joy makes my heart melt. The purity of their excitement after winning the race makes me smile, and seeing the raw emotion of their disappointment sends me to the verge of tears. 

But a friend referenced an article on ESPN that P looked up online this weekend and shared with me. Call me naive, but I like to picture the athletes as good, wholesome, and moral men and women. I pictured the athletes as people so dedicated to their craft and so devoted to their sports that they would let nothing distract them, and they would spur each other onward. 

Well, I am stupid, and that idealism came crashing down this weekend. I read this article.

Disgusted, disappointed, and any respect I had for some of these athletes is gone. My bubble has been burst. 

Did you see this article? What do you think about all of this? 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joining the Cult

So this happened this weekend. We ended up biting the bullet and making the purchase. A store here in town was having a monster sale, so we talked about it all we long, looked at our finances, and decided to do it.

Our current computer is dying a slow and painful death. The speakers hardly work, it takes at least five minutes to turn on, and takes for ever to load a web page. We have already spent a couple hundred bucks on  anti viruses over the years, we had it taken in, and got it cleaned up, and still no noticeable difference. In the end, its something we knew we were going to have to purchase, and with the sale, it just seemed like the right time.

In addition, we are getting wifi tomorrow. For the past four years, we have been paying a big chunk of change for a satellite card, but that too has gotten pretty slow also. So starting tomorrow we will have wifi, which will save us some money each month.

Do you guys have a p.c. or a mac? Why did you choose what you did? Any tips on using a mac? We have the ipad, and that is the only experience I have with an apple product.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday confessions

Here are my weekly confessions

1. I ate some of my bosses snack without asking.

2. I get mad at P when he is mad at me

3. I told a friend I told you so when her boyfriend broke up with her again

4. The Olympics have made me lazy.


Fess up peeps.....and if you say you have done nothing wrong.......I totally won't believe you!