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Here are is the A-Z of me.

A. My name is Allison, although, no one calls me that other than my family. Everyone calls me Al or Alli. Growing up, I went by Al, but then in 8th grade, I decided to try out for the cheer team. I made it, and the sponsor did not think that Al was the appropriate name for a cheerleader, so she decided to force everyone to call me Alli, and it stuck. Don't worry, I was only a cheerleader for that 8th grade year. I realized quickly I am not the good with being stuck on the sidelines, I would rather be in the game.

B. I played soccer in college. I was able to get a full ride to a Division 1 school and able to pay for school on my own. Its one of my proudest accomplishments.

C. I went to grad school and have my masters in history. Specifically, I studied Latin American guerrilla warfare. My original intent was to get my PH.D., but when I looked at the stats that showed 500 history PH.D's graduate every year, and there are around 50 job openings a year, I decided to stop with my masters and not spend any more money when the odds of getting a job in that field were not good. I studied this guy in depth. He was a killer and is now spends his days hanging out with friends on the water. If you want to know who this man is, click here to read up about him.

D. I am married to an amazing husband. We are uber competitive with each other, and we always think we always think we are right, so we bicker, no we banter a lot. He is not perfect, and neither am I. He loves me fiercely, and takes good care of me. He makes me want to be a better woman. 

E. I am a Christian. I don't classify myself with any denomination, simply because I don't like the labels. I am a Christ follower. I want to be just like him. I love that he loves me, forgives me, and accepts me for who I am. His mercies are new everyday.

F. My family is awesome. My mom is my best friend, and we talk nearly every day. I don't get to see them enough, but I love going home, especially for Christmas, because I get to be lazy and eat all day. My dad is pretty rock solid too. Growing up I was the ultimate daddy's girl, and I think he misses that sometimes. 

G. I firmly believe that the cure to any problem is chocolate, is mass amounts. There are so many healthy living bloggers out there who eat square of chocolate, and savor it and are completely satisfied. I am not on of those said bloggers. In fact, I am a pretty aggressive eater. I have been known to eat a family sized bag of peanut M&M's in one evening. 

H. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Its hard for me, and I am not a natural gazelle like runner who can bang out 7:00 minute miles effortlessly. I have run 2 full marathons, and bunch of 1/2 marathons, and a ton of shorter races. 

I. I have two dogs, and they are some of the greatest animals I have ever met. I talk to them and treat them like people. They sleep with me, even though P, my husband hates it. 

J. We live in Dallas. The fact that I don't have fake boobs, blonde hair, or get Botox makes me different from 90% of the female population here. 

K. Every Friday, I confess my sins to the world. I post my Friday confessions, and tell you all the dumb junk I did that week. Please feel free to join me. 

L. Money. We are on the Dave Ramsey financial plan. We follow his baby steps and will hopefully get to Live and Give like no one else. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I love talking about Damn....Dave Ramsey.

M. I once applied for a job as a water slide tester. It was a temporary position that would fly me all over the world to test and blog about water slides. Clearly, I didn't get the gig. 

N. I tend to laugh uncontrollably in awkward situations. 

O. I love dirty rap songs. I memorize the words, and sing them all the time. I hate that I love them, but I do.

P. Once, I was nearly apprehended by the secret service. My family was at a speech given by Ronald Reagan, and I could not sit still as a child. I moved and dug around my mom's purse so much, and kept flailing about, that the Secret Service nearly drug me away. 

Q. I am addicted to coupons. I shop at least 3 times a week, and track my savings. Sometimes, when I have a big stack of coupons, I am so excited and I can't even sleep the night before. 

R. We have Netflix, and it makes me bad at life. I love sitcoms and I will watch the same show over and over and it still makes me laugh. 

S. I am obsessive compulsive, about some things. If I start a t.v. series on Netflix, even if I hate it, I HAVE to watch the entire series. If I read a page of a book, I HAVE to read the entire thing. I hate that about myself. 

T. I pick up change on the ground, all the time. Even if its on the dirty bathroom floor, I will still pick up that penny. 

U. I love to swim, and can often be found hanging out in the spa. 

V. I am an emotional idiot. I get awkward and scared during emotional moments. I am trying to work on being ok with my feelings. 

W. I met one of my best friends through the internet. She lives far away and we have only met in person once, but we talk on the phone EVERY SINGLE DAY and email all day long. 

X. I love to bake, and I love sweets, but if I bake it, I won't eat it. 

Y. I have never drank a glass of milk in my life. Even as an infant. 

Z. Damn that was long.

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