Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fight Face

Fight Face- a hard shelled face, stubborn, jerky, bratty, emotionally walled, distant, unaviliable, and obsninant.
I have had my fight face on for the past few weeks. The weekend that we moved up to Dallas, P and I had a great weekend, we were open, vulnerable, and completly honest with each other. It was amazing. But, somehow, after all of that tearing down of walls, and being open and honest, I put the walls right back up. I have been really argumentative the past few days/years/ all of my life. When I feel I am not being heard, or listened to, or my adgenda is being pushed to the side continually, I will put up one hell of a fight. I will put up a fight in really small ways. For example, I will get into an argument with the hubs at Blockbuster in the middle of the day about what movie to rent, and when the store clerk comes over the help us decide, and he sides with the hubs, I will continue to be pissed off for about 2 hours longer. (Why not rent 2 movies you ask? Well, Blockbuster has a free movie deal going on for the month of June, and I am too cheap to spend 2.99 to rent a second movie, and would rather wait until the next day to get the movie.)
Anywho, I am going to make an effort to have my fight face on less and be open and vulnerable more. Lets see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

whenever I open up (like on my blog)- I regret it the next day. what is up with that?

Serendipity said...

Things will get better. You're in a different setting and a different place right now, so things are stressful and you're dealing. I have faith things will smooth out. Maybe not as soon as you would like it but it will smooth out nonetheless. Hang in there and if you ever need support, you can email me girlie. :)

Rochelle said...

Glad you put a name (fight face) to something that I have been doing since last Jan after my mom passed away. I feel as though my mantra lately has been "I'm living my life around everyone else's schedule". I know I'm tired of hearing me say it.

Budgeting Babe said...

I get like this when I'm stressed. Just in a sour mood and ready to complain at the drop of a hat. Try using the weekend to get outdoors if you can or do something you really love. Or, if it's too hot outside maybe try some yoga. I was in a terrible mood before my trip to Cali; a week of hiking and kayaking has be feeling zen again :)