Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post Meeting Update

We met with our ELP yesterday.
First, it was really great to act on this step. I feel like we have been stuck on step 3 for a while due to circumstances, so I was pumped to start moving ahead.
Our ELP was great. He had was Dave calls, "the heart of a teacher." Our meeting started about 5:45, and we didn't end up leaving until almost 8. He explained things so well, and we both walked out of there feeling as if we learned so much.
We got the paper work started to roll over some old 403 B's and 401K's into newer investments.
The next few weeks we need to do a little digging into some old investments and gathering paper work and getting everything going in the right direction and squared away.

Over all, it was a great decision and hopefully we will be able to reach our goals.


Brooke said...

progress offers such hope doesn't it? congrats on taking that next step.

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