Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Mess

I realized something the other day as I was checking out at the grocery store....during check out, I am a hot mess.
Let me replay the checkout from last week.

-place green bags on belt
-place groceries on belt
-my grocery store price matches- so I pull out the ad from an organic grocery store that is just too far away and the clerk has to price match my food.
-opportunity 1 for clerk to get annoyed with me
-as the clerk is bagging, I realize my cold stuff did not get put into the bag I put on the counter that is insulated to keep my groceries cold, so I say something to the clerk and start transferring the goods.
-second opportunity for clerk to get annoyed with me
- i start chatting with clerk. ask about day, how they are doing
-not sure but think this might annoy clerk....third opportunity for clerk to get annoyed with me
-everything has been scanned, and I hand over all my coupons
-fourth opportunity for clerk to get mad at me
-as the clerk scans coupons, I point out when they are scanned for the incorrect amount and ask the clerk to fix it.
-remind the clerk that she did not take off 5c per bag for my green bags---at this point she is ready to spit in my face.
-fifth opportunity for clerk and all the people in line behind me to get annoyed with me
-total pops up on screen
-i whip out my envelope system (holla holla Dave Ramsey!) and pull out my cash and fish around the coin section for the exact change
-sixth opportunity for everyone to get annoyed as I count out my change
-Finally done with check out, i swear i feel clerk and all other grocery shoppers roll their eyes as I walk away.

Yes, I am a hot mess at the check out line, but in my defense, it is really hard to buy mostly organic food, and high quality produce on a tight budget--so I have to pull out all of my tricks.


Anonymous said...

oh, do I ever know this. I put my delivery on hold for a few weeks as my back to school expenses are high right now. Good for you though. I am impressed.

Michelle said...

You gotta do what you gotta do!

Shoe.Gal said...

It is the clerks job to be nice to you!

~Carla~ said...

Meh... She'll get over it!! ;) lol! People get too worked up about the smallest things... if she gave you attitude, I'd have said something!

Brooke said...

If they don't like they way you shop (which I saw nothing wrong with) then they can get another job! Surely you are very tame compared to a large portion of the mean people and the extreme hoarders!